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​FAA Repair Station: #3RCR424B

Our Most Popular Maintenance Services


Annual Inspections

Our licensed IA and A&P has over 30 years of experience and is committed to giving you a thorough inspection. We encourage owner assisted inspections and have the best rates in the Chicagoland area.


100 Hour Inspections

Our 100 hour inspection is one of the most rigorous, thorough and efficient inspections that you will find. We guarantee that you won't find a better inspection for a cheaper price!


Routine Servicing

Rochelle Avionics provides routine servicing of piston aircraft. These services include but are not limited to oil changes, brakes, tire changes, struts, greasing, leak repairs and electrical/lighting repairs.


Propeller Maintenance and Overhaul

From balancing to overhauls, Rochelle Avionics can take care of your propeller needs. Need a chip or nick removed? We can do that too! 


Engine Removal and Reinstallation for Overhauls

Engine Removal and installation can be expensive when you are doing an overhaul! But it does not have to be if you choose Rochelle Avionics! We can remove and reinstall engines on most aircraft.


Tire, Brake, Landing Gear, Servicing and repairs

We are professionals when it comes to diagnosing landing gear, tire and braking issues. From preventative maintenance to upgrades or repairs, Rochelle Avionics is your one stop shop!

Mobile Services

We know you have many choices when it comes to maintenance and our mobile service is just another one of the many benefits we offer to our customers to make the choice a little easier. We also understand that many times when you need avionics repairs it is just not an option to fly the aircraft to another airport to have it fixed. If you can't come to us we will come to you!


We travel all over the Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Chicagoland and Rockford area in an effort to provide the most convenient and affordable avionics services for our customers.

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Phone: 815-561-3529


Annual Inspections:

Rochelle Avionics has skilled, knowledgeable techs that pay attention to detail and care about the safety of our customers. We offer one of the most rigorous annuals in the area at a competitive price! We also allow owners to assist in the inspection process so you can get to know your aircraft better and see any issues first hand.

Routine Servicing:

We provide routine servicing for your aircraft so it continues to keep you safe in the sky. Some of our routine services are: Tire pressure, brakes, oil changes, battery fluid level, hydraulic fluid level, oil and fuel hose inspections, propeller maintenance, sheet metal inspection, and flight control surfaces and attachment inspection.

Maintenance Services

> Annual Inspections

> 1oo Hour Inspections

> Pre-Buy Inspections

> Routine Servicing

> Upgrades

> Structural Repairs

> Cylinder and Engine Replacement

> Oil Changes

> Engine Removal for Overhauls

> Engine Reinstallation for Overhauls

> Fuel System Repairs & Adjustments

> Propeller Maintenance & Overhaul

> Tire, Brake, Landing Gear, Servicing

> Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

> Reseal and Repair of Leaking Engines and Fuel Tanks

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We specialize in avionics sales, repairs, upgrades and installation.

Avionics for Warbirds

Rochelle Avionics proudly supports the warbird community!

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